You Would Be Silly NOT to get a Wii Homebrew Installer

Por ItsVinced - December 18th, 2009, 13:19, Category: General

So you want to unlock your nintendo wii? Find it extremely hard to use Nintendo Wii Mod Chips? Now, a new path in Wii chip Installation. Wii homebrew installer is it's name

By making small changes to your Nintendo Wii, the wii homebrew installer lets you do lots of things, unlocks full dvd support through the Wii! As well as run copied Wii games! There are also a range of console emulators so you can play old games on your Wii Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation 1, Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive & many more.

The wii homebrew installer will unlock your Wii, there is no need for a modchip! You can stop looking for the best way to chip your Wii. With no effort at all you can chip your Wii with the homebrew installer.

The Wii homebrew installer is the safest way to mod your Wii as you do not have to dismantle the console/solder a chip in This is to ensure there is zero change of bricking/killing the console. You will never have to buy a new console unlike if the modchip goes wrong as the wii homebrew install does not disable your warranty.

Buying a modchip is a complete waste of good money at a high risk. You can unlock your Wii in 15 minutes without even going near your hardware.

There are a number of reasons the wii homebrew installer is better than a chip

  • The ability to play Backup games and region blocked games.

  • Make exact copies of original Wii games that you own

  • You dont have to take your console apart and risk damage by soldering in a mod chip

  • Watch any media of your choice whether it be a DVD or a Divx film

  • Free Updates and 24 hour customer support

  • Play games from consoles like the SNES/Megadrive

Leave the problems of the nintendo wii mod chip. You just need to download the Nintendo Wii homebrew installer



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