Nintendo Wii Soft Chip Guide

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If you're looking for the best way to mod your Nintendo Wii- The Wii soft chip is the safest and easiest way to go about it. It outperforms the standard modchip on a number of levels but doesnt suffer from the same drawbacks of having a modchip installed.

The Wii soft chip is a piece of code that you install onto your Wii, disabling all digital rights management which means you can load any copied Wii/Gamecube game of your choice. As well as playing copied games, you can also do all of this with the Wii soft chip-

Advantages Of The Wii Soft Chip

Backed Up Games
- Download games to your hearts content and burn them to a blank DVD

Duplicate Games
- You can make copies of any Wii game you own, have borrowed or rented from your local video store

Console Emulators
- The homebrew community has been busy creating various emulators for past consoles like the Genesis and SNES. Play every game from every classic console.

DVD Player
- The Wii by design cannot play DVD's. The Wii soft chip bypasses this and enables full support for DVD playback.

Media Center
- Playback avi/divx/xvid files through your Nintendo Wii by using the feature rich media center

There are literally to many features to list!

Wii Soft Chip/Modchip Comparison

Quite simply, the modchip cannot compete agains the Wii soft chip on any level, largely due to the significant drawbacks every modchip has. See for yourself-

  • It can be bought for under $30

  • No risky soldering - all you need to install the Wii soft chip is an SD memory card

  • It is quick and simple to install

  • Your warranty with Nintendo is still valid

Wii Soft Chip Buying Guide

There are a number of soft chips to choose from on the market. Although they all do the same thing and unlock your Nintendo Wii, they do vary in price, quality of product and customer service.

It can be quite confusing working out which is the best so have a read of the Wii soft chip side by side review.



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