Confused By Nintendo Wii Modchips?

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The Nintendo Wii has very quickly become the biggest selling games console in history. Ever since the Nintendo Wii hit the streets, people have been coming up with new ways to circumvent the copy protection of games and the first Nintendo Wii Mod Chip was born, allowing copies and third party applications to be loaded.

3 of the best Nintendo Wii Mod Chips are-

The Wiinja Nintendo Wii Mod Chip
When the Wiinja was first released, it turned the Nintendo Wii scene upside down. It enabled you to not only load imported/region locked games but also to boot copys of original Wii games. The issue with the Wiinja chip though was that you couldn't upgrade the software on it easily.

Wii Key Nintendo Wii Modchip
This Modchip claims to be the first upgradable Nintendo Wii Mod Chip, the same guys that developed the outstanding XenoGC modchips are also responsible for the creation of the WiiKey. Quick solder pads are present on the chip which makes it easier to install as there is minimal requirement to solder additional wires in place.

The CycloWiz Nintendo Wii Mod Chip
By far the CycloWiz is the easiest Nintendo Wii Mod Chip to install because its only uses quick solder pads. You will not need to solder any additional wires into place to fit the CycloWiz modchip. This is where the CycloWiz has an advantage over the WiiKey as you do not need to solder additional wires. The installation is fairly smooth because of this but still requires a steady soldering hand.

You will be able to use your Nintendo Wii Mod Chip to do things like -

  • Loading of copied Wii/Gamecube Games

  • Allows the Wii to read blank DVD-R/+R

  • Removal of the multi region lock

Deciding which chip is right for you is tough, they all do what they say on the tin but be sure to check out the installation instructions before making a purchase.

Alternatively if you do not feel comfortable soldering a Nintendo Wii Mod Chip in yourself, you could opt for a soft mod. The soft mod will allow you to fully mod your own Nintendo Wii without any need to solder a chip in place.

Find out why the soft mod is the ideal choice and why it is the best Nintendo Wii Mod Chip.



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