5 Wii Add-ons You Must Purchase

Por ItsVinced - December 8th, 2009, 19:47, Category: General

The Nintendo Wii is the cheapest video games system cash can buy as Nintendo battle it out on price on the run up to the Xmas time of year.

As well as the cost of the Wii video games system though, you need to reckon which accessories you will demand to go with it. You could spend your life-time savings on add-ons to the Nintendo Wii, and the majority of it is simply tacky bits of plastic therefore here are the top five-

WiiMotes and Controllers

The Nintendo Wii only supplied with a single Wiimote (controller) and Nunchuck. To genuinely savour the Nintendo Wii there is zero question you will require extra controllers so your family and friends can get involved. The Nintendo Wii yells for multiplayer gaming.

Audio / Television Connection

The Nintendo Wii includes some mediocre standard cables to get up and operating. Buying a component or svideo cable can have a serious impact on the picture quality and you will surely notice it if your the proud owner of a High def Television.

WiiMote Station

The battery devouring WiiMotes wipe out batteries like they are going out of fashion. You will unquestionably need to buy either rechargeable batterys or a WiiMote docking station that will charge batterys when they are not used.


There is an Secure Digital Flash memory card slot that can be utilized for a range of things on the Wii. Secure Digital Flash memory is very inexpensive to purchase and you will before long begin burning through it as you play your Nintendo Wii more.

Wii Chipping Guide

The greatest cost of the Wii, as with whatever games system is purchasing new console games. When you have purchased a softmod, you can freely copy games and load backups on your Nintendo Wii and it simply costs $29. If you are a BitTorrent exploiter for instance, you can download every Wii video game you want You can mod your Wii in under 15 minutes using a softmod. The soft modification is the most valued Nintendo Wii accessory you can buy.

That is my own listing of necessary Nintendo Wii add-ons. Learn more about Nintendo Wii Chipping and how simplified it is to do



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