How To Mod Wii Without Chip

Por ItsVinced - November 24th, 2009, 13:46, Category: General

A lot of people are asking how easy it is to mod Wii without chip installation. There is a lot of false information on this subject so im going to address it directly here and give you the facts.

The first generation of modchips were released to the market a few months after the Wii. The main problem I have with modchips is you need to pay someone to install them for you, which can get expensive.

There has been a lot of development and research put into new ways of hacking Nintendo Wii's, and for the first time you can mod Wii without chip yourself. The very first method to mod Wii Without Chip, needed a copy of Zelda to function properly, which was a problem if you didnt already own the game.

However, a new method to Mod Wii without chip has been released by the HomeBreWare development team. HomeBreWare is available to download and install on your Wii, its quite simple. Just press a few buttons on the Wii controller, and the chip will be installed in under 15 minutes. It is the easiest method to Mod Wii Without Chip installation.

It is all done in 3 steps-

  1. Buy HomeBreWare ($29)

  2. Download it to an SD memory card and put it in your Wii

  3. Run the installer - its fully automated and takes 15-20 minutes

When the setup has completed the chip is now full installed. You can download and play copied games freely, or choose to download every SNES, Megadrive or Playstation 1 game ever released.

The HomeBreWare mod is very safe to do, and by far the easiest way to Mod Wii without chip installation and can be uninstalled by resetting your Wii to factory settings. HomeBreWare doesnt even void your consoles warranty.



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