A Wii History Guide

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When the Gamecube was released in 2001, Nintendo started work on an all new console, initially named the Revolution. Nintendos focus for the next console was simple and to focus on a new form of player interaction. By focusing on the fun aspect, Nintendo chose not to compete on raw console specification and power. These simplce concepts lead to the creation of the Wii.

It was originally announced at E3 2004 and was the 5th console from Nintendo. At that point, no one really knew what the Wii was about until Nintendo unveiled it for the first time at E3 2005.

It wasnt until the Tokyo Game Show in September 2005 that Shigeru Miyamoto unveiled the Nintendo Wii in all its glory, as they showed off the motion gaming concept live for the first time.

When Nintendo named the console 'Wii' during the 2006 E3, it faced its first media backlash as the original named revolution was thought to be better

The USA was the first to recieve the Nintendo Wii on the 19th November 2006 with the UK release following shortly after on the 8th December. At launch, Nintendo allocated most of the consoles to the american market, leaving the UK with a nationwide shortage.

To date, the Wii has sold well over 56 million units - pounding off strong rivalry from the xbox360 and PS3



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