December 2009

You Would Be Silly NOT to get a Wii Homebrew Installer

Por ItsVinced - December 18th, 2009, 13:19, Category: General

So you want to unlock your nintendo wii? Find it extremely hard to use Nintendo Wii Mod Chips? Now, a new path in Wii chip Installation. Wii homebrew installer is it's name

By making small changes to your Nintendo Wii, the wii homebrew installer lets you do lots of things, unlocks full dvd support through the Wii! As well as run copied Wii games! There are also a range of console emulators so you can play old games on your Wii Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation 1, Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive & many more.

The wii homebrew installer will unlock your Wii, there is no need for a modchip! You can stop looking for the best way to chip your Wii. With no effort at all you can chip your Wii with the homebrew installer.

The Wii homebrew installer is the safest way to mod your Wii as you do not have to dismantle the console/solder a chip in This is to ensure there is zero change of bricking/killing the console. You will never have to buy a new console unlike if the modchip goes wrong as the wii homebrew install does not disable your warranty.

Buying a modchip is a complete waste of good money at a high risk. You can unlock your Wii in 15 minutes without even going near your hardware.

There are a number of reasons the wii homebrew installer is better than a chip

  • The ability to play Backup games and region blocked games.

  • Make exact copies of original Wii games that you own

  • You dont have to take your console apart and risk damage by soldering in a mod chip

  • Watch any media of your choice whether it be a DVD or a Divx film

  • Free Updates and 24 hour customer support

  • Play games from consoles like the SNES/Megadrive

Leave the problems of the nintendo wii mod chip. You just need to download the Nintendo Wii homebrew installer

Nintendo Wii Soft Chip Guide

Por ItsVinced - December 11th, 2009, 22:08, Category: General

If you're looking for the best way to mod your Nintendo Wii- The Wii soft chip is the safest and easiest way to go about it. It outperforms the standard modchip on a number of levels but doesnt suffer from the same drawbacks of having a modchip installed.

The Wii soft chip is a piece of code that you install onto your Wii, disabling all digital rights management which means you can load any copied Wii/Gamecube game of your choice. As well as playing copied games, you can also do all of this with the Wii soft chip-

Advantages Of The Wii Soft Chip

Backed Up Games
- Download games to your hearts content and burn them to a blank DVD

Duplicate Games
- You can make copies of any Wii game you own, have borrowed or rented from your local video store

Console Emulators
- The homebrew community has been busy creating various emulators for past consoles like the Genesis and SNES. Play every game from every classic console.

DVD Player
- The Wii by design cannot play DVD's. The Wii soft chip bypasses this and enables full support for DVD playback.

Media Center
- Playback avi/divx/xvid files through your Nintendo Wii by using the feature rich media center

There are literally to many features to list!

Wii Soft Chip/Modchip Comparison

Quite simply, the modchip cannot compete agains the Wii soft chip on any level, largely due to the significant drawbacks every modchip has. See for yourself-

  • It can be bought for under $30

  • No risky soldering - all you need to install the Wii soft chip is an SD memory card

  • It is quick and simple to install

  • Your warranty with Nintendo is still valid

Wii Soft Chip Buying Guide

There are a number of soft chips to choose from on the market. Although they all do the same thing and unlock your Nintendo Wii, they do vary in price, quality of product and customer service.

It can be quite confusing working out which is the best so have a read of the Wii soft chip side by side review.

Confused By Nintendo Wii Modchips?

Por ItsVinced - December 10th, 2009, 21:12, Category: General

The Nintendo Wii has very quickly become the biggest selling games console in history. Ever since the Nintendo Wii hit the streets, people have been coming up with new ways to circumvent the copy protection of games and the first Nintendo Wii Mod Chip was born, allowing copies and third party applications to be loaded.

3 of the best Nintendo Wii Mod Chips are-

The Wiinja Nintendo Wii Mod Chip
When the Wiinja was first released, it turned the Nintendo Wii scene upside down. It enabled you to not only load imported/region locked games but also to boot copys of original Wii games. The issue with the Wiinja chip though was that you couldn't upgrade the software on it easily.

Wii Key Nintendo Wii Modchip
This Modchip claims to be the first upgradable Nintendo Wii Mod Chip, the same guys that developed the outstanding XenoGC modchips are also responsible for the creation of the WiiKey. Quick solder pads are present on the chip which makes it easier to install as there is minimal requirement to solder additional wires in place.

The CycloWiz Nintendo Wii Mod Chip
By far the CycloWiz is the easiest Nintendo Wii Mod Chip to install because its only uses quick solder pads. You will not need to solder any additional wires into place to fit the CycloWiz modchip. This is where the CycloWiz has an advantage over the WiiKey as you do not need to solder additional wires. The installation is fairly smooth because of this but still requires a steady soldering hand.

You will be able to use your Nintendo Wii Mod Chip to do things like -

  • Loading of copied Wii/Gamecube Games

  • Allows the Wii to read blank DVD-R/+R

  • Removal of the multi region lock

Deciding which chip is right for you is tough, they all do what they say on the tin but be sure to check out the installation instructions before making a purchase.

Alternatively if you do not feel comfortable soldering a Nintendo Wii Mod Chip in yourself, you could opt for a soft mod. The soft mod will allow you to fully mod your own Nintendo Wii without any need to solder a chip in place.

Find out why the soft mod is the ideal choice and why it is the best Nintendo Wii Mod Chip.

5 Wii Add-ons You Must Purchase

Por ItsVinced - December 8th, 2009, 19:47, Category: General

The Nintendo Wii is the cheapest video games system cash can buy as Nintendo battle it out on price on the run up to the Xmas time of year.

As well as the cost of the Wii video games system though, you need to reckon which accessories you will demand to go with it. You could spend your life-time savings on add-ons to the Nintendo Wii, and the majority of it is simply tacky bits of plastic therefore here are the top five-

WiiMotes and Controllers

The Nintendo Wii only supplied with a single Wiimote (controller) and Nunchuck. To genuinely savour the Nintendo Wii there is zero question you will require extra controllers so your family and friends can get involved. The Nintendo Wii yells for multiplayer gaming.

Audio / Television Connection

The Nintendo Wii includes some mediocre standard cables to get up and operating. Buying a component or svideo cable can have a serious impact on the picture quality and you will surely notice it if your the proud owner of a High def Television.

WiiMote Station

The battery devouring WiiMotes wipe out batteries like they are going out of fashion. You will unquestionably need to buy either rechargeable batterys or a WiiMote docking station that will charge batterys when they are not used.


There is an Secure Digital Flash memory card slot that can be utilized for a range of things on the Wii. Secure Digital Flash memory is very inexpensive to purchase and you will before long begin burning through it as you play your Nintendo Wii more.

Wii Chipping Guide

The greatest cost of the Wii, as with whatever games system is purchasing new console games. When you have purchased a softmod, you can freely copy games and load backups on your Nintendo Wii and it simply costs $29. If you are a BitTorrent exploiter for instance, you can download every Wii video game you want You can mod your Wii in under 15 minutes using a softmod. The soft modification is the most valued Nintendo Wii accessory you can buy.

That is my own listing of necessary Nintendo Wii add-ons. Learn more about Nintendo Wii Chipping and how simplified it is to do

Why The Nintendo Wii Is Perfectly Matched For Christmas

Por ItsVinced - December 7th, 2009, 15:35, Category: General

The Nintendo Wii is an ideal gift for Christmas this year, and bring a smile to everybodys face in the house.

Fun For Everyone

The world simply can't get enough of the motion sensitive WiiMote and easy to play fun games that every member of the family can enjoy, your mum, son even your nan can join in!. The majority of the Wii games have been created with family in mind so everyone can get involved!

When Nintendo first launched the Wii, they promoted how it could bring friends and family together. It is impressive to see how they have reached deep into the poor performing demographics of the market and built a huge success, people had always regarded video games as an annoyance or nuisance mainly consumed by the male youth of today.

Games publishers are adapting to the new boundries the Nintendo Wii has set and are getting more creative with the games that they produce. Games like Brain Academy cater for the older crowd and the younger gamer simultaneously. Youngsters and teens can challenge each other on Mario Party and get competitive with multiplayer games.

Play Online

You can even compete against your friends and family online no matter where they are! Stay in touch with friends and family on the Wii using its online communication and multiplayer gaming services There isn't a better way to throw a smile on everybodys face at Christmas than with the Nintendo Wii.

The Cheapest AND The Most Fun?

In the past couple of months Nintendo have dropped the price of the Wii on the run up to Christmas, it is the cheapest and most afford console that you can buy, and probably the most entertaining as well!

You can get more out of the Wii by unlocking it and mod Wii without chip fitting, its quite easy to do!.



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